Your Ultimate Martial Art Experience
"It's not just about the physical fight
that comes our way, but rather the
emotional and spiritual battle
that is within us"
Calderon Sensei
"Heaven's Heart"
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  1. Oziel Nassif Rudametkin
    Not only has the dojo been the place where my children have grown; but, it has helped form their character! They are stronger physically and emotionally resilient. We are so fortunate to have found Jaime Calderon Sensei! He will always be part of our family!
  2. Josh Kuersten
    I was looking for a dojo where I could bring my kids and get on the mat with them instead of being forced to watch them during class and then participate on my own during adults’ class. As soon as I stepped into he door of Ten Shin, I knew this was going to be the place. Sensei Jamie immediately welcomed me, spoke to me briefly about what I was looking for and invited me onto the mat to experience a class. He is extremely talented, and his teaching style is engaging, with minimal talking; instead focused on experiential learning. His classes are inclusive of all aspects of Aikido, with emphasis on practical application. He keeps his students engaged as each class is different and fundamentals are the theme that flows through the ranks vs. being able to demonstrate a multitude of techniques that are good for show, but not applicable to real life situations. From the kids’ class that is packed with games that are inclusive of traditional practice, to adult class where we “play” with the all aspects of the application of technique, Ten Shin dojo in Chico is pure Aikido for anyone looking for the genuine experience.
  3. TBA
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