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Aikido Seminar April 25,26 2014
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Kids class and Teens class
 Nutritional wellness center coming soon!
TenShin dojo-Chico is located north of Sacramento which can easily be accessed off of Highway 99.  Chico is a great place to study the martial art known as Aikido a very effective and lethal system. Our martial art dojo was opened in 2005 by Jaime Calderon Sensei who has been teaching and training in the Chico area since 1993.

TenShin Dojo Chico provides a great atmosphere for people of all ages. Our Martial art dojo is dedicated to preserving Aikido and the teachings that have been handed down to us from our teacher. All of our classes are taught by Jaime Calderon Sensei with the assistance of several senior students. All our classes provide you with the skills necessary to be a great martial artist from open hand techniques and weapons.  Our martial art program is one of the best schools is the Chico area with a training philosophy that covers all aspects of life and self defense training.  We are confidant this program and this school can give you the edge you are looking for.